Site Requirements

YOU MUST HAVE JAVASCRIPT ENABLED TO ORDER ONLINE FROM KELLYMOUTHPIECES.COM. PLEASE REFER TO YOUR WEB BROWSER'S HELP INFORMATION IF YOU ARE UNSURE HOW TO ENABLE JAVASCRIPT. TYPICALLY, JAVASCRIPT IS ENABLED BY DEFAULT. Enabling Javascript is required as you will need to be able to view pop up windows to place an order at Since we use the PayPal online payment system, we are required to transmit order data into a pop up window per our licensing agreement with PayPal.

In some web browsers, the PayPal shopping cart may open in a new browser tab. This setting is controlled by the user of the web browser.

If you have a pop up blocking software agent running, it will need to be disabled if you want to place an order for merchandise.

You will also need to have cookies enabled to order from The PayPal online payment system requires the use of cookies to accurately create your final shopping cart and order processing information. Please refer to your web browser's help documentation if you are unsure how to enable cookies (which are typically enabled by default).