KELLY "One-of-a-Kind" Lexan Mouthpieces

KELLY "One-of-a-Kind" mouthpieces are dimensionally identical to our standard mouthpieces - the only difference being their unique mixed color patterns – and more than 10% savings!

These are supplied in a grab-bag format – you get what you get. No returns or exchanges without additional re-stocking costs.

Let KELLY surprise you today!

All sorts of strange color combinations! (click each for a larger view):

KELLY One-of-a-Kind Mouthpieces

KELLY One-of-a-Kind Mouthpieces

KELLY One-of-a-Kind Mouthpieces

SizeQuantityAdd to Cart
Trumpet 1C - $23
Trumpet 1-1/2C - $23
Trumpet 3C - $23
Trumpet 5C - $23
Trumpet 7C - $23
French Horn MC - $25
Flugelhorn 6V - $26
European-shank Euphonium 5G - $28
European-shank Euphonium 51D - $28
Large-shank Trombone/Euphonium 51D - $28
Tuba 24AW - $34
Tuba 18 - $34
Tuba KELLYberg - $34

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KELLY "One-of-a-Kind" Mouthpieces

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